Committee Sign-Up

Every member should be a participant in at least one committee. Please take a look at our standing committees and choose one, (or more) whom you have an interest in, or that you feel you can make a contribution to.

Ambility Committee

The Ambility and AmTryke committee works in conjunction with a therapist to determine which children or Veteran need an AmTryke or an Accessibility ramp.The committee makes recommendations to the chapter about who to present an AmTryke to, facilitates the ordering, assembly, fitting, and delivery.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee oversees the scholarship process at the local level by securing funding, recruiting potential recipients who are students pursuing degrees in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology and hearing audiology.

Service Committee

The heart and soul of GreeneBucs is our commitment to service in our community. The Service Committee oversees several sub – committees and coordinates the efforts of our chapter to apply our skills, resources, and knowledge to those in need. There is no better way to get hands on evolvement in our mission than to become a part of the Service Committee.

Social Committee

GreeneBucs isn’t just all about work you know! We have a strong belief in having Fun too! We have at least one social event each quarter, and if you ask around, most will agree that almost everything we do turns into a social event.

Friendship Committee

The Friendship committee is charged with the recruiting of new members, retaining existing members, and assisting with the operations and organizations of our club, and fostering relationships with other Ambuc chapters throughout the region and nation.

Information Committee

This committee takes responsibility for fulfilling the member’s needs for information, and for educating the community about the local chapter. They are responsible for making sure the chapter has an educational or entertaining program at each meeting, handle all public relations for the chapter, keep members informed through a regularly published newsletter, and foster conference attendance and inter-chapter activities.
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