Providing the Freedom of Mobility

GreeneBucs Mission Statement

Our club’s mission is to provide help and support for people / children with disabilities throughout our community.

Upcoming Events

August 2 – 5 Louisville KY

Blessing of the Bikes
SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2023 AT 10 AM – 2 PM
Kilkare Speedway
1166 Dayton-Xenia RD. Xenia, OH 45385
Owen’s Place Run, Roll & Walk Charity Race
Sunday, June 11⋅12:00 – 5:00pm
2260 Dayton Xenia Rd. Dayton, OH 45434
Greenebucs Social
The Menus
Fraze Pavilion, Kettering OH
6:30 PM
Contact Louise Gibson for Tickets

Amtryke Build
Angels Pass Park
Next to 818 Factory Rd, Dayton, OH 45434
June 8, 2023 6PM till ? 

What We Do

While our Chapter may not be the largest in membership, we have been able to provide a large number of Amtrykes, Ramps, and Scholarships throughout the history of our club.

While all of this is important, GreeneBucs’ never lose focus on what we are about, and that is providing whatever assistance we can to help a special needs child have a little more ‘normal’ life. As every one of us can attest to, there are few things more special than to see a child, who has maybe never taken a step on their own, be placed on an Amtryke, push those peddles and for the first time experience the freedom of mobility under their own power.

To many parents of those children, it is a dream that they never even hoped to dream, let alone see it come true, and can be a truly overwhelming experience. For the other children in the family, friends and neighbors, it is sometimes an eye-opening realization that their sister, brother, or friend is now going to be able to share in a bike ride around the block, and not have to be ‘left behind’.

For the child with special needs it can make a world of difference; providing the therapeutic exercise, the increase in self-determination and willpower to far exceed what they understood to be their physical boundaries.

That is what we do. If you would like to be a part of an organization with a single focus and dedication, that believes that every child deserves the best life possible, then we, the members of GreeneBucs, encourage you to join us. Please contact us, via this link, email, by phone, or in person. We would love having you with us.