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Officers Directors Chairpersons


  • President – Louise Gibson
  • Vice President – Julia Hall
  • Secretary – Sandy Zimmerman
  • Treasurer – Tracy Jaudon
  • Sargent at Arms – Brian Lampton
  • Big Hat President – Pat Buckholt 


  • Gussie Jones
  • Chuck Gibson
  • Amy Zimmerman
  • Denis Egan
  • Julia Hall


  • Ambility Team – Leti Hall
  • Scholarship – Gussie Jones
  • Fundraising Team – 
  • Event Planner – Louise Gibson
  • Big Hat – Pat Buckholt
  • Public Relations – Chuck Gibson

Membership Levels

Standing Committees

Active Member

Active members are full members of GreeneBucs, you attend meetings, may vote, run for office, attend events, receive our newsletter, and the AMBUCS Magazine.

Friends Member

By just making a $25 annual tax-deductible contribution you will qualify to receive a year’s subscription to AMBUCS Magazine and the satisfaction of helping to create mobility and independence for people with disabilities. Friends’ members also receive our newsletter and are encouraged to attend as many functions of GreeneBucs as they wish. Many current Active and Associate members started out as Friends Members.

Corporate Member

Your business or corporation can join GreeneBucs. This is a great way for your business to show support to a great organization and cause.

Google Workspace

GreeneBucs is now a part of Google Workspace for Nonprofits! And the best part is; at no cost to Greenebucs!

Members will soon be seeing an email in their inbox. The email will be from ‘The Google Workspace’ The email will have the subject line: “Your Google Account password for Greenebucs Chapter of Ambucs, Inc. has been reset by your administrator”. Within the body of the email will be a button: ‘Reset Password’ Clicking that button will direct you to Create a New Password. Once you have created your new password, (must be at least 8 characters, and include Capital letters, numbers, and symbols) click the Change Password button and  you will be taken to your Google Workspace Dashboard. There you can access all the tools available to you as a member of the Greenebucs Google Workspace.

From this point forward you will use your Workspace email and the password you just created to login to Workspace. Your email is “” 

For more information about Google Workspace watch this short video

The Ambuc Way Song

Ambility Team
The Amtryke Team is often made up of several knowledgeable individuals. Sometimes one person wears several hats.

  1. Orderer. Places Amtryke orders with the ARC online or via phone or email. They act as the expert on Amtryke products and are familiar with the Maintains request forms, liability and photo waiver document sets. Keeps the Treasurer informed of orders.
  2. Mechanic. Takes the lead in building and maintaining Amtrykes. Training for those interested in becoming or fine tuning their skills as an Amtryke Mechanic is available through AMBUCS University: Mechanics training at National Conference in the fall.
  3. Member Evaluating Therapist(s). Assess the capabilities of applicants and fit kids and Veterans to trykes – especially at events when their own therapist cannot be there. Those interested can attend an Amtryke Evaluation & Fitting Training (AEFT) for Therapists near them.
  4. Liaison with therapy/health professionals. Keeps your chapter’s relationship with your non-member referring therapists strong by keeping the lines of communication open. Need help training your chapter’s evaluating therapists? Schedule a Road Show visit or AEFT.

The Scholars person builds and maintains your chapter’s relationship with allied health educators at local universities. They make the educators and their students aware of our Scholarship program as well as screen student applications and make recommendations for chapter sponsorship to the board. They will also help direct students to appropriate volunteer opportunities with the chapter.

Fundraising Team
The fundraising team works together to raise the funds needed to carry out your chapter’s work in the community. These are the two key skill sets you’ll want to recruit:

  1. Grant Writer. Researches local corporate and foundation grant opportunities and then writes and submits them. Keep in mind that the Amtryke Grants Coordinator is available to help identify opportunities and fine tune your efforts.
  2. Community Liaison. Reaches out to community leaders and local businesses to invite them to become a part of our mission via financial or other types of support (such as funding a tryke, building it and hosting the giveaway). 

Event Planner
The event planner works on the nuts-and-bolts level to plan events, pulling together and delegating responsibilities to members. They work closely with the fundraising team to put on great fundraising events and also plan some fun chapter events or “socials.”

Friendship Committee
The Friendship committee is charged with the recruiting of new members, retaining existing members, and assisting with the operations and organizations of our club, and fostering relationships with other Ambuc chapters throughout the region and nation.

Public Relations 
The Public Relations person publishes your chapter newsletter. They manage your chapter’s social media and website presence. They reach out to the media when your chapter puts the AMBUCS mission into action and communicates about your chapter to funding sources and other chapter members. They also submit stories about your chapter’s mission-based activities to the Marketing Director at the ARC for possible inclusion in the AMBUCS Magazine or Facebook.


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Change Of Address

Changes of Address and profile information is best handled via the Ambucs Member Hub. There you can directly update your information. However, the Member Hub relies on sending verifications to the email they have on file. If your email has changed, getting into the hub can be problematic. In that case use the form below, which goes to our Treasurer, who has the ability to change your information. Once the Treasurer has updated your information, make sure to login into the hub.

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