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Information About GreeneBucs

Greenebucs is the local chapter of Ambucs, Inc. Greenebucs was chartered by Ambucs over thirty years ago. In that time Greenebucs has donated over a thousand Amtrykes, built numerous accessibility ramps, and offered college scholarships to hundreds of students pursuing a therapy major. We have supported numerous local Charities with money and involvement.

While we are a small chapter, Greenebucs has won numerous awards and has been recognized over nine times as Chapter of the Year by National Ambucs, three of those times were in consecutive years!

Several of our members have been National Presidents. We have members who have served as District Governors, Regional Directors and in various offices and committees at every level. One of our members, a therapist, was recognized at Therapist of the Year, in 2018. Our members have excelled, winning individual awards in all categories.

The Big Hat Club is an honor group within AMBUCS. Many of our local chapter members are Big Hats, including a few past National Big Hat Presidents and Officers.

Greenebucs is a small chapter with under fifty active members, but we want to grow! Let us know if you would like to join!

Information About Amtryke

The fun and freedom of riding your own bike is something everyone should be able to enjoy. Now, thanks to the Amtryke Therapeutic Tricycle, even individuals who are unable to operate a traditional bike can finally realize this wonderful experience.

Established in 1994, AmTryke, LLC is a company owned and operated by National AMBUCS, Inc. AMBUCS is a national non-profit service organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

To date, over 15,300 AmTryke vehicles have been distributed around the world. The majority of these Trykes are purchased by volunteer members of the AMBUCS organization and donated free of charge to financially needy children.

These unique tricycles, which can be hand and/or foot operated, are designed to accommodate riders of all ages, sizes, and varying degrees of physical limitations.

Both physical and occupational therapists acknowledge the AmTryke tricycle’s many therapeutic benefits, citing improved motor skills, strength development and self-esteem.

Information About Ambucs

William L. White graduated from Auburn University on June 22, 1919. He had a dream to begin a national service organization for young business and professional men. White had the spirit and the initiative, but this young engineer and practical idealist lacked funding for such a major undertaking.

What to do? Surprisingly enough, turpentine played a major role in this story. At that time the turpentine industry was centered in Valdosta, GA. The booming industry used turpentine cups to gather crude resin from long-leaf pines. The resin was then distilled to produce turpentine and rosin.

After graduating, White lost no time in offering turpentine cups for sale. After selling two million turpentine cups, he put $1,000 into a revolving expansion fund. By May 18, 1922, White had enough money to form the first American Business Club in Birmingham, Alabama.

This first club had 50 members and they adopted a constitution and the motto that is still used today: Shoulders Together

Through the years members began shortening the name American Business Clubs to AMBUCS.  In 1961, the name AMBUCS was approved for official use by the organization. You can get more in-depth information by visiting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is AMBUCS?

National AMBUCS™, Inc. is a non-profit service organization consisting of a diverse group of men and women who are dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. Members are actively involved in various forms of community service and work towards donating Amtryke® adaptive bicycles to individuals who are unable to ride traditional bikes. The organization also provides scholarships to a select number of therapy students each year.

2) How can I join Greenebucs?

Becoming a member of Greenebucs is easy! A quick way is to download our Membership Application from our website, fill it out and return it. However, we would really encourage you to attend a couple of our membership meetings or events and see the work we do and the fun we have. Don’t worry there will be someone there to help sign you up! 

3) How can I donate?

We make it easy to donate to Greenebucs, please visit our website and click on the “Donate” link. This will take you to our Donation page and give you several options. You can always email or call us.

4) I know or have a child who would like a bike. How can we try one out?

Licensed therapists evaluate each child’s needs and determine which tricycle and accessories will be best for them. We recommend that each child trial a bike before purchase to ensure the proper bike and accessories are ordered.

5) How can I add a person to the Amtryke® Wish List?

Please have your child’s physical or occupational therapist refer to the Therapists Page on this site or contact us at for a step-by-step guide including required documents. If your child is not currently receiving therapy services, please contact us at

6) I am [my child is] on the Wish List. When will I [she] get her bike?

The total time between when a person is added to the Wish List and when the Amtryke® is received, is based on a number of variables including:  the total number of people preceding you or your child on the wish list, the amount of chapter funds available and the amount of personal contributions/donations to date.

7) I am a therapist interested in learning more about the AmTryke® bicycles. Can I see a catalog?

A link to the catalog including the various models and accessories of AmTryke bicycles, along with other links and information of interest to therapists is available at .If you would like to host a demonstration or in-service at your facility, please contact us at

8) How are the Wish List funds distributed?

Those who have been on the list the longest will be the first recipients of funds raised by the chapter. As one can imagine, our Wish List program is a popular one, thus there always many future riders awaiting an AmTryke. To decrease the amount of time any one rider must wait we encourage families to be active fundraisers. We pledge to work with every family who requests assistance with raising funds.

9) What if my family is unable to actively fundraise?

We understand that not everyone will be able to actively raise funds. Our priority remains with those who have been waiting the longest for his or her Amtryke®. If possible, we encourage all our Wish List families to participate in fundraisers we host throughout the year. There is currently approximately a one year wait time for full funding.

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